A Word about Thermador, Bosch & Gaggenau


Appliance Masters started in 1996 when Thermador decided to transition from Factory Service to independent service. At the time all employees worked at Thermador and chose to join
Appliance Masters.

We continued to support Thermador evolving when B/S/H purchased the brand and added Bosch and Gaggenau. In Southern California we were the primary source for service until B/S/H decided to reenter the Factory Service business. After Factory Service was reestablished our role changed from being the primary service provider to a support role complimenting their service. Over the years we helped with various recall programs and supplementing their response times. We enjoyed a mutual respect as several of our team members were hired by B/S/H in various capacities.

This May (2021) we were notified that our service agreement with B/S/H was being terminated and we had 30 days to close out all in process warranty service requests. After 25 years of working together this came as a shock and surprise.

We harbor no ill will towards B/S/H and intend to continue supporting our mutual customers while utilizing our 25+ years of experience. Our goal is to be the preferred service provider should a customer seek an alternative to B/S/H’s Factory Service. We will continue to offer prompt, courteous and above all professional service for B/S/H appliances and the other superior brands we represent.

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