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About Your Appointment


Our service call and diagnosis fee is $170 on most items.

This includes the trip to the home and a complete diagnosis of your unit regardless of time.

Parts and labor are extra. Labor is calculated using a national flat rate labor guide.

Notes on Maintenance


The modern Refrigerator is a mechanical marvel utilizing basic refrigeration principles then adding on ice makers, water dispensers and the process for disposing of defrost condensation. The basic refrigeration process absorbs heat in the evaporator and transfers it to the condenser. Refrigeration is more about efficient heat removal than it is cooling. As refrigerant changes state from vapor to liquid and back to vapor heat is removed from the interior and dissipated outside of the food compartment. Periodically the system performs a defrost cycle to remove any frost build up from the evaporator. This condensation is directed to a pan in the bottom of the unit and is dissipated by either the heat from the condenser or an external heater and sometimes both. To assure proper and efficient operation periodic maintenance is critical and should include the following:

  • Cleaning the condenser coil to maximize the process of removing heat. Heat is the enemy. We use vacuums and compressed air to clean the coil on a built in refrigerator.
  • The defrost system uses a drain hose to transfer condensation from the inside to the drain pan. Periodically the drain line needs to be flushed to avoid getting clogged which could result in the unit leaking. In addition, the drain pan should be cleaned to as well to prevent odors.
  • It is always a good idea to periodically inspect the gaskets and seals for proper closure. This will help the efficiency of the appliance as air leaks allow heat to enter and can lead to excess condensation.


It is critical to periodically clean or de-lint a closes dryer. Excessive lint building up can sometimes lead to fires. If you begin to see excess lint when cleaning the filter it may be time to have the dryer vacuumed out around the motor and coil/burner area. The exhaust vent must always be of a ridged material not the plastic flex. It is also recommended by some experts to change the water inlet hoses every couple of years longer if stainless steel braided. A leaking fill hose can cause extensive damage if undetected.


Periodically it is beneficial to utilize a product such as Lemi shine to remove the buildup of detergent. Such a buildup can cause odors and lead to poor dishwashing results. It is also helpful to occasionally clean the interior filter (on those units with filters) to assure proper draining. Water left behind can lead to leaking. The most common cause for a dishwasher to not drain is a blockage in the air gap. The air gap is a California requirement to assure dirty drain water cannot get into the fresh water system. The air gap is usually identified by the silver cap next to your faucet. Removing the silver cap then unscrewing the cap below should expose and debris causing a blockage. Make sure the unit of off otherwise drain water may be pumped out through the top.

How We Schedule


Our office will contact you the afternoon before your scheduled service date with your timeframe that you can expect the technician to arrive. 


Customer satisfaction is our top concern. We stand by our work and to prove it we offer the following warranty on our services:

90 Day Warranty on Labor

For parts, we back the manufacturer warranty.  That's why we will only install OEM parts.

Warranty applies only when you have paid us directly for a particular repair. Otherwise, your warranty is only the duration of the warranty you have with the manufacturer and/or extended warranty company. Our warranty does not cover food loss or loss of use. Single family home use only. Your product must be installed as per manufacturer guidelines and properly maintained to be eligible for our warranty.


Trying to understand how the appliance repair service call charge works can sometimes be confusing. If you call 5 different repair companies you will probably receive 5 different answers. Some quote low service fees to get in the door then markup labor and part charges. We all know doing business in California is expensive and someone advertising seemingly low prices has to cut corners somewhere. The service call fee should cover travel costs to your home and the time to professionally inspect the appliance and determine the remedy and cost of the issue.

The time it takes a physician to make a diagnosis and prescribe a remedy would not be possible without many years of training and continuing studies. Add in the equipment, office space, insurance, utilities, staffing along with other costs. You pay for the doctor’s knowledge and skill plus a share of the cost of doing business not just the time in the office.

Similarly, the charge for providing professional in-home service cannot be determined solely by the time it takes the technician to make the repair. A qualified service organization’s costs begin with the salary of the professional technician who provides the service. Not everyone has the skill and makeup to perform this job; good technicians are in demand and receive continuous training. Service costs continue onto the Customer Service Representative scheduling service, office space, warehouse space to store replacement parts and personnel to receive and handle those parts. As a professional service company we maintain all required licenses and insurance, our technicians are employees not sub-contractors.

We utilize "flat rate pricing"; every job has a set price to perform that job regardless of the time needed. This method is common as it assures an accurate repair estimate and allows us to spread operating costs across a broader base. We have a minimum labor price which includes a complete diagnosis and repair estimate. We offer a reduced rate for additional appliances requiring inspection or repair. This diagnostic/minimum charge is part of the total labor calculation. If the job is approved and parts are needed you would pay the minimum charge and the estimate balance upon completion. Total repair less diagnostic fee equals return charges. If parts are available on the first visit then you would be responsible for the approved estimate. Our goal is to keep you as a longtime customer for life. Periodically extraordinary situations arise (sometimes stuff happens) that require adjustments or special arrangements. We always consider all facts and try to act in a fair manner keeping your long term satisfaction in mind.